SPNZ works with businesses to supply site plans that meet the standards required under current Worksafe requirements.

When applying for hazardous substances certification, a site plan may need to be produced. 


The modern day safety environment, requires a more intensive certification process to ensure safe storage of these goods. We specialise in plans for businesses that are required to stay certified for the hazardous substances on their premises. The new regulations for Hazardous substance certification have included a large number of things making previous site plans obsolete.

A plan now needs to show:

  • Hazardous Zones.

  • Control Zones.

  • Site/s in relation to legal boundaries.

  • Distances to other hazardous substances (if incompatible).

  • Fire control systems.

  • Assembly points.

  • A direct and accurate representation of the site and buildings.

  • Elevation views of the hazardous storage site and zones.

  • Relevant information regarding the substance requiring Location Compliance.

  • Distances to 'public' and 'protected' spaces.

  • Must be drawn to scale.

  • Must show North and correctly show site in relation to North.

Further to the above there may be other items required depedning on the hazardous substance and it's class.


It feels like a demanding process so SPNZ tries to make this as easy as possible. 

SPNZ can create plans to suit so please feel free to get in touch by phone or email and we will get the process under way.

We work across New Zealand.

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