Site Plans:

Using computer aided design software, SPNZ specialises in complete site plans that will pass Hazardous substance certifications.

The certification process of today expects a higher standard of proof that businesses storing or using large amounts of hazardous substances are meeting their obligation to keep those substances in the correct environment.

A quality plan will show that the site has met the standard required to keep hazardous substances. It will show that features such as drains and windows, that may create risk, have been noted and are placed or set up correctly.

It will show the items mentioned on our home page.

SPNZ can create those plans to suit the different substances and their different hazard requirements.

At SPNZ we try to make this easier with a quality plan and drawings.

If a certification has failed due to an inadequate site plan or site map, we may be able to organise a suitable one via email if all suitable information is available. We do site visits, however if information is provided by the client we expect exact measurements and high quality pictures.


If, however, a site visit is required this can also be arranged.

To email, please click the link at the top of this page.

Other requirements:

Its is possible a certifier might ask for an evacuation plan or fire plan to be provided when issuing a Location Compliance Plan. Please feel free to get in touch if you need this. Also ensure to mention it when commissioning a site plan, so we might make sure one is added.